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31 January 2018

Compare Variform Siding Options

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

Indiana's Preferred Vinyl Siding Contractor

Trim A Seal of Indiana installs a beautiful assortment of beautiful and long lasting Timber Oak and Varigrain Preferred vinyl siding by Variform. Long lasting premium grade Timber Oak siding gives your home a legendary look.  This low-maintenance siding with a wood stained finish out performs standard wood siding.

For a classic look, consider Varigrain Preferred vinyl siding with a smooth flawless looking finish available in a stylish selection of traditional and modern colors to fit every style. Choose from soothing shades like Savannah Blue, Georgian Gray, Silver Mist, Autumn Beige, Classic Cream and others. 

Whether you select Timber Oak or Varigrain Preferred, all Variform vinyl siding is durable and built to last. Varigrain will never rust, blister, scratch or peel. Compared to other types of siding, vinyl is more resistant to water damage, salt, termites, and other pests.  Variform low maintenance vinyl siding will protect your home season after season and look beautiful for years to come.

 To view siding samples and talk to a representative, visit our showroom at 7886 Broadway St., Merrillville, IN 46410 or call to have one of our design experts come to your home for a free in home estimate 800-217-6355. Trim A Seal is a 5 Star vinyl siding contractor serving Northwest Indiana.

27 December 2017

Things to Consider When Replacing Vinyl Siding

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

Things to Consider When Replacing Vinyl Siding

Residing is one of the many home improvements new homeowners consider when buying and renovating an older home. Replacing the vinyl siding on your home can boost energy efficiency and improve your home’s value. According to Angie’s List, siding installation can return an 80 % investment or more.

If you’re hiring a professional siding installation contractor, you can do some research ahead of time to save time and money later on. Consider the following and make a list to help keep you and the company you hire on task and on time.

Questions to Consider or Discuss with Your Siding Contractor:

  • What type or grade of siding you are interested in?
  • Do you want to mix/match colors or styles?
  • What price point or budget are you trying to stay within? Ask your contractor for recommendations that fit your budget.
  • What type of “prep” or carpentry work maybe needed in order to get the house ready for new siding
  • Are there any add ons or trim work you will need and what is the cost of that?

If you gather this information ahead of time and take care to discuss it with whoever you are getting a vinyl siding quote from, the process will go much smoother and hopefully you’ll be able to stay on budget.

The average homeowner with a 2,000 sq. ft. home can expect to pay roughly $13,000 to purchase and install new vinyl siding.

For more information or a free quote, call the siding installation company Merrillville depends on –  Trim A Seal of Indiana. We install top of the line vinyl siding brands like CertainTeed, Alcoa, Norandex and Royal siding. Call today for a free estimate 800-217-6355. Trim A Seal is a Certified 5 Star Vinyl Siding Installer.

08 June 2017

Clogged Gutters Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home

Posted in Gutter Helmet, Gutters

Proper Gutter Maintenance Includes Gutter Cleaning & Repair

When it rains, do your gutters overflow? Perhaps you forgot to clean them this spring. If you don't get them cleaned, you'll have tree debris build up, which  leads to clogged gutters and standing water. As if that’s not bad enough, standing water leads to mosquitos and mold that will eventually wreak havoc on your home this summer!

Simply put, clogged gutters are a potential health risk and could  possibly result in costly water damage to your home. No matter how you look at it, having your gutters cleaned should be on your to do list! 

Trim A Seal in Merrillville installs gutter systems, cleans and repairs gutters and installs gutter protection systems throughout Northern Indiana and Northeast Illinois (south east Chicago). Our trained gutter experts will come and inspect your gutter system for you.  Have questions about your gutters or need gutter service? Call us today at 800-217-6355.

We service Ft. Wayne, Crown Point, Southbend, Will County, Porter County, Southeast Chicago, Lake County, Southern Cook County and the surrounding areas. Your authorized Gutter Helmet dealer in Indiana.

22 May 2017

Top 3 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Posted in Roofing Contractor Gary Indiana

Roof Replacement Tips

Thinking of replacing your roof this summer? When faced with the reality that they have a leaky or faulty roof that needs replacement, budget is the number one consideration of homeowners. A new roof can cost between $7,000-9,000 for a standard size home, but there are other things to consider as well. Here are some general guidelines to use when planning a roof replacement project.

  1. How much will it cost? Budget drives most roofing decisions.  Roofing installation costs vary based on time of year you have the work done, roofing material type and other factors. The best thing to do is have your roof inspected by a licensed, experienced roofing contractor in Indiana and receive a written estimate for the work to be done. Summer and fall are typically the busiest seasons for local roofing installers, so it tends to cost more to do your roof work during these time frames.
  2. What will the weather be like and does this affect your roofing project? When you replace a roof, you invariably expose your home to the ill effects of weather at some point. Choosing a time of year when weather is ideal is difficult and it often coincides with the times of year when roof repair or replacement are also more expensive. Some people think that winter is a bad time to replace a roof. In fact, as long as temperatures stay above 45 degrees Fahrenheit and dry, it’s ideal weather conditions for putting on a new roof. So there may be some times in early spring, late fall or even winter when it is ideal to replace your roof.
  3. How long does it take to have a new roof installed? It typically takes from two to four weeks depending on what other repairs to the base roof are needed and any unforeseeable weather interruptions of course. If possible, you want to try and schedule your roof work when the weather will be somewhat reliable over a period of a few weeks. The biggest concern would be rain. You don’t want water getting into your home causing damage.

Trim A Seal home improvement offers local Northwest Indiana homeowners a flexible schedule to complete roof replacements and repairs. We will provide a free roof inspection and estimate so you know in advance how much your project will cost. Our trained, certified and insured roofing installers in Merrillville, will work with you based on your budget and best time frames to have the job completed.  Call 800-217-6355 or visit us online for more information on our roofing services.

Trim a Seal roofing in Merrillville has been serving the local Northwest Indiana and South Chicago areas for over 50 years.

17 May 2017

Preventing Burglaries: Tips for Securing Your Indiana Home

Posted in Security Doors, Entry Doors

Solid Steel or Wood Entry Doors Can Help Protect Your Home

Home break-ins are always a concern for Indiana homeowners. But what's the best way to keep your house safe? Even if you have an alarm system, preventing a break-in can reduce stress and damage to your home. Often times the source of entry is a home’s exterior doors. There are many ways to prevent burglaries; here are a few ideas to get you started. 
1.Replace hollow doors. Exterior doors should be solid and made from fiberglass, solid wood, or steel/metal. Install a door opens out instead of in; it’s safer and harder to break into.
2.Replace all windowed entry doors with windowless doors. 
3.Secure sliding doors. The best way to secure sliding doors is to install keyed locks at the top and bottom. Or place a rod behind the door; PVC, wood, or aluminum rods are the best options. 
4.Keep doors locked at all times. A hight percentage of burglars enter homes through open, unlocked doors and windows.
5.Install deadbolt locks. With the exception of sliding doors, all exterior doors should have a deadbolt lock in addition to the lock built into the doorknob. 
6.Add a security camera. Motion censored cameras can deter would- be thieves. Inexpensive systems that transmit a live feed to your phone are surprisingly easy to use and can allow you to monitor your home or be alerted if someone enters.
Trim A Seal in Indiana installs replacement entry doors and exterior doors in every style. Looking for a solid wood or steel security door? You've come to the right place. We specialize in entry door installation. Call now for a free in home consultation and start making your home safer today.

27 April 2017

Vinyl Siding by Variform: One of the Best Siding Options

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

Reasons to Choose Varigrain or Timber Oak Siding

A lot of people ask us what the best siding brand is. That truly depends on what your goals and budget are for your home. But no matter what you’re end goal is, one of the best all-around brands in terms of quality and selection is Variform. 

This brand offers a wide assortment of durable and attractive Varigrain Preferred and Timber Oak vinyl siding by Variform

Timber Oak's beautiful wood stained finish gives this low-maintenance premium siding that out performs wood siding. For a classic look, consider Varigrain Preferred vinyl siding with a smooth flawless looking finish available in a stylish selection of traditional and modern colors to fit every style. 

Choose from soothing and trendy shades like Savannah Blue, Georgian Gray, Silver Mist, and others. No matter which one you choose, Variform siding is durable and built to last. It will not rust, blister, scratch or peel and it’s more resistant to water damage, salt, termites, and other pests compared to other brands.

Variform low maintenance vinyl siding will protect your home season after season and look beautiful for years to come.

28 March 2017

How Much Does Certainteed Vinyl Siding Cost?

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding

Pricing Checklist


Vinyl siding is a great option for most homes because its durable, beautiful and low maintenance. If you’re looking to install new vinyl siding this summer, costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re trying to do your own installation. Installing siding is one of those home improvements that’s best left to the professionals. Be sure to hire a licensed and insured siding contractor to perform the installation for you. Choosing a contractor is about much more than just comparing price.

Trim A Seal is a trained 5 Star Certainteed Vinyl siding installer. In order to become a certified contractor with CertainTeed, you have to adhere to their rigorous standards of excellence. To be a 5-Star Contractor, installers must attend a full-day program and pass our Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman test.

Certainteed Vinyl Siding – Pricing Checklist

- Get at least 3 estimates before hiring a Siding contractor
- Expect vinyl siding prices to vary between regions and companies. Every company has different operating expenses, so costs are different for each and thus product pricing varies.
- Waiting until an off season, like right before winter, should yield lower prices, at least in the North. Having any type of work done during a contractor’s off season can help you negotiate lower pricing.
- Beware of the lowest price, especially if it’s far below other estimates. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
- Most types of Certainteed siding run between $4-$5/sq. Ft, but this price might be higher or lower depending on the type of siding you choose.
-Try to budget and additional 10-12% more on top of your square footage estimate for overall budgeting purposes. This should cover any extra materials needed for difficult configurations, patterns, etc.

Remember, there are multiple styles of Certainteed siding available from Contemporary, colonial, cape-cod style, ranch, bungalow, victorian, etc. So if the style you first select is over your budget, take the time to choose another beautiful style. You’ll be glad you did.


02 March 2017

5 Signs That Siding May Need Replacing

Posted in Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana

Has Your Home's Siding Gone Bad?

Many homeowners who have old siding are asking themselves the question, does my siding need replacing? Can I repair what I already have or should I have new siding installed? Depending on a number of factors, including your budget and how long you plan to stay in your home, there are many factors to consider when replacing siding. First, read on to find out if your home needs residing. The first thing to look for is warped panels or panels tearing away from the home, separating seams, swelling, boards that no longer lay flat, rotten wood or moisture on the inside of your house. These 5 things can be tell-tale signs that siding might need to be replaced.

$11)     1)  Warped or Torn Panels: warped panels or panels tearing away from the home, separating seams, swelling, boards that no longer lay flat are a sign that siding is failing. Check under the siding boards, if the surface behind the siding is soft, wet or rotting, that is a sure sign it’s time to replace siding.

$12)     2)  Moldy or Rotten Wood: mold growing on siding and/or rotten wood or moisture on the inside of your house

$13)    3)   Broken or Loose Panels: like the above, this can be a sign that the siding is failing to protect your home’s exterior as it should.

$14)    4)   Peeling Paint: Peeling paint or loose, wet wall paper on a home’s interior walls can be a sign of water entering the home, either from failed siding or roofing materials.

$15)   5)   Dry Rot: If you have wood siding, this can be cause for concern. It’s hard to detect however. Tap in the surface of siding with a screwdriver will help review weak spots. It’s difficult to tell if your home has dry rot without removing the siding to inspect for damage. When in doubt, call a professional to have your home's siding inspected.

Often times, siding can be repaired or damaged panels can be replaced. However, if you need to replace old siding, energy efficient vinyl siding is a great way to go. Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free, energy efficient and long lasting. When you reside your home with vinyl siding, you’ll add instant value and recoup your renovation costs more quickly compared to more expensive siding options like stone or wood.

Want to have your home’s siding inspected by as professional? Call the experts at Trim A Seal. We’ve are a Certainteed 5 Star Siding Contractor in Northwest Indiana. We make home improvement fast, affordable and easy. Call 800-217-6355 or visit

27 February 2017

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted in Door Installation Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Siding Contractor Indiana, Roofing Repair , Gutters

Check Siding, Roofs and Gutters for Damage in the Spring.


It’s spring and what typically comes to mind for most homeowners is spring cleaning! But there are more important things that can be done in and around your home. Winter can wreak havoc on a home’s gutters, roof, siding and more…especially if problems existed previously – they can only get worse with exposed to freezing ice and water. Follow this spring maintenance checklist to ensure your home is safe, dry and ready for the summer weather. 

  • Siding: Clean off mold, mildew and pollen with a pressure washer. Check for damaged siding that is tearing way from the home. Also look for wood rot and peeling paint. Sand and repaint if necessary. Check for termite damage. If you find a problem, call a certified siding installation company who can do an inspection and repair the problem.
  • Windows/Entry Doors:Inspect and replace caulking, weather stripping and seals if needed. You don’t want air coming into your home when windows and doors are closed.
  • Window and door screens: Clean screens with a scrub brush and hose. Wipe down and dry sills. Check for holes in screen; mend or replace torn screens. Wipe down and dry sills.
  • Exterior Wood Structures: Check wood decks, rails, siding, pergolas and other structures to see if they need to be stained. Keeping them stained and resealed every few years helps them last longer.
  • Gutters and downspouts: Clean gutters and downspouts and check for clogs. Repair or reattach gutters that maybe damaged or have pulled away from the house. Use a hose to check for gutter leaks. If you find some, dry the area and use a waterproof sealant to fix it.
  • Roof: Inspect roof for missing shingles, check flashing, eaves, and soffits. If you see anything that needs a closer look, call a roofing repair specialist to do an inspection.
  • Landscape: Cut back and trim all overgrown bushes and trees, especially anything scratching up against the house affecting the paint or siding or causing shade where you don’t want it.
  • Sprinklers: Inspect sprinkler system for exposed lines, leaky valves, and faulty sprinkler heads. Test the sprinklers in each zone and make sure each area is getting the right amount of water. Make adjustments. Call a professional if your system isn’t working properly. Don’t wait until it’s season to fix it or you won’t have a vibrant green yard this spring. 
If you need windows or exterior doors replaced, siding replaced or roof repairs, contact the home improvement experts at Trim A Seal in Northwest Indiana. We've been keeping area homes safe and sound for over 60 years!


03 February 2017

New Vinyl Windows Return 73% of Your Investment

Posted in Replacement windows, Window Contractor Indiana, Vinyl Window Installation

Proper installation is one of the keys to having efficient windows

As the winter continues to rear its cold and blustery head, many of you in older homes with single paned windows - might be asking yourself this question, “Is replacing my windows this spring a good idea?”

Drafty windows can raise heating and cooling bills and make your home less comfortable. It’s no wonder then that replacing windows if one of the most common home improvements. Updating windows is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Vinyl window replacement earns back 73% of it $14,284 average cost making it the second best remodeling investment a homeowner can make. As for saving money on heating and utility bills, dramatic upgrades, such as going from a single-pane glass window to a double-pane gas-filled window can cut energy costs by up to $465 dollars per year. Often times, other factors come into play, such as how many windows you have to replace and how long you plan to stay in the home. Sometimes, older windows can be repaired to avoid replacement.

If you have wood windows that deteriorated beyond repair, you may want to consider replacing your windows with an energy-efficient window brand like Sunrise.  Sunrise windows feature a triple weather-strip barrier that provides 50% more protection against winter’s worst weather, plus they feature fusion-welded frames and sashes that last longer and perform better.Sunrise Windows come with a lifetime, non-prorated warranty.  Call our office for a free evaluation of your home’s windows.

Proper installation is one of the keys to having efficient windows. Trim A Seal of Indian is a licensed window contractor serving the Merrillville, Schererville and Gary areas. Our licensed, insured and trained window installers have been serving the Northwest Indiana area for over 50 years. Call today for a free estimate 800-217-6355.

23 January 2017

Aluminum Carports Protect Outdoor Lawn Equipment & Vehicles

Year-round Aluminum Covers are Custom-made

No Garage?! Is your car or lawn equipment exposed to the elements, snow and ice? A metal carport can protect your tools, outdoor lawn equipment or vehicle from all types of weather including rain, hail snow, and hot summer sun.
Year-round aluminum car port covers are custom-made to your specifications and are available at manufacturer direct pricing from Trim A Seal. Our carports can be either attached to your home or free standing in the size, color and style of your choosing. Our covers are made from either aluminum or vinyl and are made right here in Indiana by your trusted home improvement experts.
At Trim A Seal, we're your local carport dealer in the Merrillville area and across the Gary, Indiana, Crown Point area. Call today for details 800-217-6355.

23 January 2017

What Type of Home Window Should You Choose?

Posted in Vinyl Window Installation

Window Installation throughout Northwest Indiana

At Trim-A-Seal we carry hundreds of window styles for every type of home. Whether you want vinyl, wood or need custom fit windows, we offer new and replacement windows in all types, colors and styles – and all from top name brands like Sunrise, Armaclad, HomeGuard and more.
Need a small kitchen window to brighten up a dark room or a wide bay or bow window to illuminate your family room? One of our home specialists will come to your home and present or collection of available windows to suit your every need. We offer picture windows, double hung, garden, double pane and more.
Trim A Seal of Indiana is a licensed and insured window installation contractor offering new and replacement windows to fit every home and every budget. Call for a free consultation today.

13 December 2016

What you Need to Know about Buying a New Entry Door for Your Home

Posted in Security Doors, Steel Doors

Storm, Security and other Door Types

Installing a new entry door can make a huge difference in your home's appearance and help weatherproof your home to reduce heating and cooling bills. Whether you’re shopping for a new entry door or a security or storm door – there are hundreds of options and choosing one can be difficult. Do you need a door that offers beauty, protection or both? Most people strictly look for the door that they think will give their home a nice look. However, entry doors are typically purchased with specific benefits in mind like security or storm protection.

When choosing a door for security, the best types are those made of wood or steel. Both options provide adequate security, as well as options for customization. While steel doors are usually inexpensive and require less maintenance, wood doors add value and a very unique style to your home.

Storm doors tend to be for a specific function. They are meant provide insulation and save energy, and can provide good protection as well. The best storm doors are often made of steel and glass, but are also available in wood and screen material.

Trim A Seal installs a complete line of doors by Albany, Armaclad, HomeGuard and others leading brands. Home Guard doors feature solid construction, tempered safety glass, heavy gage metal door frames and steel hardware to prevent forced entry. A durable powder coat finish is standard on all Home Guard steel security storm doors.

Albany doors come in over 200 different door styles, 25 different paint colors and 12 different stains. Albany’s masonite steel edged doors have been proven to be more secure than tradition wood edged doors. Plus masonite steel doors are energy efficient and can lower your home’s heating and cooling bills.

Trim A Seal offers hundreds of different styles to choose from. Our home improvement experts will assess your needs and help you select the right door for your home and budget. Call 800-217-6355 to schedule a free in home appointment. 

26 November 2016

De-icing Heat Cable for Gutters Prevents Ice Dams

Posted in Helmet Heat De-icing System, Gutter Helmet

Winter is upon us and frozen gutters are just one of winter's many hazards. Dangerous ice damns and ice-cycles can cause damage to your home's exterior and a threat to your safety. De-icing gutters is no easy task unless you have a system that works automatically when you need it. Gutter Helmet's proprietary Helmet Heat does just that. 

Helmet Heat is a heated drainage system that protects your gutter system from excessive ice build-up, ice-dams, and icicles by melting snow and ice that accumulates.

The patented system consists of 3 strips securely fastened to the top of your Gutter Helmet cover using  special brackets. Helmet Heat is proven to evenly distribute heat throughout the gutter system and eliminate any icicles or ice dams that would normally occur. Call today for more details about this revolutionary product 800-217-6355.


27 October 2016

Rolling Storm and Security Shutters offer Added Home Protection

Motorized and Non-Motorized Shutters


Security shutters, hurricane shutters, rolling storm shutters…you name it, we’ve got it! Aluminum shutters offer homeowners many benefits. For one, they offer add a defensive shield to windows and doors, providing extra security to your home, garage, barn or office.

Keeping one’s home safe is one of the main reasons people purchase rolling security shutters. property are safe. Whether you travel, own a second home or just want extra protection against burglaries and break- ins, shutters are ideal.

In addition to keeping out would be thieves, rolling shutters are also effective at protecting homes from weather damage, like hail, high winds or hurricanes. Shutters can be installed over windows, doors, skylights, and other openings on the inside or outside of your home or other building.

We sell both motorized and non-motorized shutters throughout Northwest Indiana. Plus we offer remote, off sight controls and light sensors for automated operation. Call today for a free estimate at 800-217-6355.


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